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It's the wood,Kiln dried logs for salel!

Suppliers of Kiln dried logs for sale, Compared to many other logs, our selection of Ash & Birch kiln-dried logs burns hotter and longer. Strongly reduced moisture content is advantageous for kiln-dried logs. This not only helps them light quickly and burn cleanly, but it also greatly minimizes smoke.Select from an array of economical bulk offers, ranging from roomy loose-filled bulk bags to convenient smaller bags stacked 20 or 40 to a pallet.
For a variety of burners, wood logs are quite helpful for maintaining the warmth of your house and any outdoor seating places. We offer a wide assortment of wood logs for your inspection, whether you’re searching for a half load or full load bag.


Why Kiln Dried Logs?

Compared with other companies we just love what we do at Anjuholding B.V! Suppliers of the finest Kiln dried logs for sale in Europe

Kiln Dried Logs are the best firewood available for durability and efficiency.
Our logs are carefully prepared and dried in a controlled atmosphere to make sure they have the least amount of moisture possible and are ready to burn. This is why they are unique:

Better than Average and Clean Burning

Unlike conventional firewood, our logs are kiln-dried to remove extra moisture.
Provide a continuous, clean burn to reduce the accumulation of creosote.
Generate additional heat Bid adieu to a smoky, pungent fire and welcome a cozy, welcoming ambiance.

Efficient Logistics

At Anjuholding we are committed to great service. Almost 50% of the retail price of logs comes from supply chain expenditure. Our goal is to reduce these costs and cut the retail price for our customers.

Every day we think about logistics: how to design the best packaging, make the supply chain shorter, and increase the efficiency of the distribution process and transportation.

Environmentally Friendly

Kiln Dried Logs are not only beneficial for your home but also for the environment. Due to the lower moisture content, you will be reducing emissions and contributing to cleaner air..

Klind Dried Logs For Sale Which species should you choose?

AJ Holding B.v –

Our dense, kiln-dried hardwood logs of birch, ash, and oak come from slow-growing deciduous trees and have much longer burn durations than softwoods.

We advise you to select the species that best fits your daily needs; they are arranged in order of density below.

Economy Hardwoods are an excellent alternative for those on a tight budget because they are a variety of hardwoods that burn well and are more easily accessible than Ash or Oak. Depending on availability, this option can comprise one to four distinct hardwood species.
Birch: Suggested for contemporary stoves. If you have a contemporary stove with an air control vent and want to burn for two to three hours on the weekends and in the evenings, we highly recommend Birch. Birch gives your house instantaneous warmth.

Birch: Suggested for contemporary stoves. If you have a contemporary stove with an air control vent and want to burn for two to three hours on the weekends and in the evenings, we highly recommend Birch. By far the easiest hardwood to work with, birch offers rapid heat that heats your house more quickly, gorgeous, vibrant flames, and you can simply restrict the airflow for a longer-lasting fire.
Ash: A well-liked species that burns for longer periods of time and is reasonably simple to use. If you use your stove for four to five hours a day, we advise using ash (we also frequently stock Beech and Maple as ash substitutes)
Oak: If you use your stove a lot during the day, we suggest Oak because it will give you an incredibly

Kiln dried logs for sale

We Have One Goal

Our main priority is customer needs by offering a variety of high-quality Kiln dried logs for sale and wood pellets.

Also, we are a top distributor of Kiln dried logs and wood Pellets, which are hot, clean, and efficient energy sources that provide long-lasting heat for homes across Europe. We love providing our area with the hottest and cleanest charcoal on the market!

When you place an order with us, your heating fuel is in stock and secure. And when charcoal shortages do arise, we guarantee to always have it in stock. We believe in honesty and transparency with our customers.

Additionally always happy to provide friendly customer service before, during, and after your purchase. Our goal is to ensure a pleasant, hassle-free experience for you. Click HERE to read some of our satisfied customer testimonials.

Our Mission

Suppliers of Kiln dried logs for sale all year round

However it comes to customer care, we value quality, consistency and customer satisfaction above everything else at Anjuholding B.V.

Many charcoal suppliers market their products without intensive quality control. This lack of attention results in inconsistent charcoal appearance and function. However, to get the best fire burning, the customer needs charcoal that works every time. That’s why we don’t just follow industry standards — we follow the Anjuholding Standard.

This company not only has a certification from the Pellet Fuels Institute’s (PFI) Standards Program but also goes above and beyond the requirements.

All materials we receive go through testing in the onsite quality control laboratories with a dedicated lab technician at each facility. Any wood that doesn’t meet our standards for moisture, ash, and clean virgin wood fiber gets sent back to the provider.

The materials that are cut continue through our carefully tested production, packaging, and shipping stages. You can read more about charcoal uses at 

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