Below are some reviews we have from our past cleints. We have the best customer care services and our delivery is always on time. Deal with us and have a life time experience from AJ Holding B.v

AJ Holding B.v are reliable supplies of wood pellets  as our wedding guests and holiday visitors deserve a warm welcome whatever the weather – and the family likes to stay cosy too. We know that we can rely on AJ Holding B.v Wood Pellet Delivery Company for prompt, safe and efficient deliveries when we need them. And their delivery staff and office team are always a pleasure to deal with.

Mia Janne
We’ve been getting our pellets from AJ Holding B.v and his staff for a few years now and they have always been friendly, reliable and very flexible. The fact that they stack the pellets for us is an added bonus. No need to look anywhere else.. the best in the Europe!
Anna Cynthia
Thank you for such a swift delivery. Also, thank you for having such a willing work-force. All the drivers who have delivered to us have been brilliant, helpful and energetic
Edward Schmitz
“Very happy with the standard of the wood pellets delivered. The staff in the office are always friendly and accommodating, and the drivers always take care when making their delivery. I am very happy to recommend AJ Holding B.v.”
Ricardo Silva
Great, friendly and efficient service every single time. Can highly recommend!
Joelle Reign
I would recommend AJ Holding B.v without a second thought. Compared to other pellet suppliers within Europe, they are friendly, very helpful, offer quick delivery, great prices, quick and simple ordering process............ you can't really ask for any more than that!
Margaret Suzanne
“We started using AJ Holding B.v about 2 years ago, after trying several different local suppliers. We were new to wood pellet fuel, having, having recently finished converting a barn conversion. We had quickly discovered that pellet qualities varied tremendously by supplier and whilst you could buy cheaper pellets, the quality, speed of burn, heat value and clinker quickly all became cost or performance issues. AJ Holding B.v’s pellets are of a consistent quality, the service is punctual and reliable and prices are better than the rest given the heat value & low ash residue of their wood pellet product.”
Justin Holland

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