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It's the wood, Suppliers of the finest quality charcoal!

Suppliers of finest quality charcoal, Briquettes or Wood pellets To Burn? We are the best suppliers, We became an exporter of biofuel to countries like Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, France, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, Greece and Bulgaria. Long-term contracts with private and public sector companies are the best reputation of the company and confirmation of the high quality of products and services because our products can be transported/delivered by road, Air or shipped by sea.


Compared with other companies we just love what we do at Anjuholding B.V! Suppliers of the finest quality charcoal across Europe

Again, with a little help from our kiln-dried firewood logs, our Charcoal Range is made from 100% natural firewood thousands of families across Europe are warming up their houses, enjoying a romantic evening by the fire or indulging in the finest cuts of beef, chicken and lamb for the BBQ at their favorite restaurant, parties or their homes.

With a reputation for being experienced, reliable and passionate, we have been trusted by some of the largest European and Asian charcoal wholesalers for over 14 years.


At Anjuholding we are committed to great service. Almost 50% of the retail price of logs comes from supply chain expenditure. Our goal is to reduce these costs and cut the retail price for our customers.

Every day we think about logistics: how to design the best packaging, make the supply chain shorter, and increase the efficiency of the distribution process and transportation.


Sustainability. We manage our use of the forest and understand the social, economic and ecological factors of the environment. We respect the forest, its history and the benefits it gives to the people who use it and the entire country.

Suppliers Of Finest Quality Charcoal

AJ Holding B.v – Suppliers of finest quality charcoal, hardwood and wood products. We work with dozens of factories across Europe, So we can provide you with a variety of raw hardwood materials and various wood products because of our  variety of configurations, sizes, and qualities by selection so can also provide and arrange transportation to anywhere world in a competitive prices 

Moreover, our experts employ one of the best methods to process our products by the international standard of wood pellet production. Furthermore, our quality inspectors test these products based on several parameters to ensure their premium standard. We also encompass a well-furnished warehousing facility to best carry out our supply.

These products can be transported/delivered by road and or shipped by sea. About 80% of our pellet sales are export deliveries. There are many transport companies in Holland and abroad so these transport companies help us to deliver our supplies on time. You can get more information about our products below by clicking on the link

Suppliers Of Finest Quality Charcoal

We Have One Goal

Our main priority is customer needs by offering a variety of high-quality charcoal brands and wood pellets.

Also, we are a top distributor of charcoal and wood Pellets, which are hot, clean, and efficient energy sources that provide long-lasting heat for homes across Europe. We love providing our area with the hottest and cleanest charcoal on the market!

When you place an order with us, your heating fuel is in stock and secure. And when charcoal shortages do arise, we guarantee to always have it in stock. We believe in honesty and transparency with our customers.

Additionally always happy to provide friendly customer service before, during, and after your purchase. Our goal is to ensure a pleasant, hassle-free experience for you. Click HERE to read some of our satisfied customer testimonials.

Our Mission

Suppliers of finest quality charcoal all year round

However it comes to customer care, we value quality, consistency and customer satisfaction above everything else at Anjuholding B.V.

Many charcoal suppliers market their products without intensive quality control. This lack of attention results in inconsistent charcoal appearance and function. However, to get the best fire burning, the customer needs charcoal that works every time. That’s why we don’t just follow industry standards — we follow the Anjuholding Standard.

This company not only has a certification from the Pellet Fuels Institute’s (PFI) Standards Program but also goes above and beyond the requirements.

All materials we receive go through testing in the onsite quality control laboratories with a dedicated lab technician at each facility. Any wood that doesn’t meet our standards for moisture, ash, and clean virgin wood fiber gets sent back to the provider.

The materials that are cut continue through our carefully tested production, packaging, and shipping stages. You can read more about charcoal uses at 

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