Diameter 6 mm;
Ash content up to 1%;
Humidity up to 9%;
Bulk density 630 kg / m3;
Abrasion – up to 3%;
Caloric content: 4600 kcal / kg.
Production technology:


Pellets are classified by calorific value, moisture content and ash content, as well as by size. They can be used as fuels for power generation, commercial or residential heating, and cooking. Pellets are very dense and can be produced with low moisture content (below 10%), which allows them to be burned with very high combustion efficiency. Puitgraanulid 6mm

All European heating equipment is supplied with technical data sheets indicating biofuel parameters in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency and efficient operation. It is not uncommon for a supplier of low-quality pellet fuel to become the reason for the failure of pellet boilers. That is why consumers pay close attention to the quality of wood pellets.

The company uses environmentally friendly raw materials for the production of pellets, supplied under contracts with the state forestry of Poland. This enables us not only to guarantee the stability of quality indicators, but also to give guarantees of the stability of the volumes of supplied products. This type of cooperation predetermines the unconditional fulfillment of our obligations to counterparties. Puitgraanulid 6mm

Each released batch of our wood pellets meets specially developed and approved technical specifications, which makes our pellets competitive both in the domestic and foreign markets. The ash content of our pellets does not exceed 1%, which allows them to be used for heating private houses.


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