Cylindrical Charcoal

Charcoal Briquettes:
• Made from the sawdust of scrap wood (including resinous soft woods and composite woods).
• Combined with chemical binders and filler (including coal dust) and manually compressed into their characteristic pillow shapes.
• Slower to light, often requiring lighter fluid.
• Burns cooler (closer to 700° to 800°F).
• Burns more quickly, meaning a shorter window for grilling, or requiring that you add more during grilling.
• Smoke produced may be neutral at best and can contribute harsh and off-tasting flavors to grilled foods.
• Contributes more pollutants to the air as it burns.


These briquettes in the Cylindrical/ Pini Kay charcoal are highly appreciated for their unique features like no smoke, no smell, no spark and much effective for BBQ purposes. We supply also base on client requirement and of different shape and sizes.


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