Quality Alder Firewood

Quality Alder Firewood


– Wood :                         hard wood & soft wood
– Packing :                     normally on pallet 1x1x1,8 m ( or 1x1x2 m )
– length :                       25, 33 and 50 cm
– thickness :                 max 20 cm
– Humidity:                Fresh wood, semi-dry  and dry ( max 25% 


Firewood that is easily recognized by its red color and has a specific smell. Alder firewood dry’s fast, if it is dried mechanically, if naturally it may rot . Alder firewood is one of the cheapest firewoods in the market because of its very fast population. Seasoned Alder burns warm, but fast. Wet alder puts out a lot of ash and very little heat. Firewood burns almost without a smoke. Max. Heating intensity is 4878 Kcal/kg. Alder firewood is possible to get into different


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