Ruf Bark Briquettes

  • Combusting temperature: 4200Kcal/kg
  • Moisture: around 10%
  • Ash content : around 4%
  • Mechanical durability: 95%
  • Partly destroyed briquettes:14%
  • Size : 155 x 110 x 65 mm
  • Packaging: 12 blocks weigths around 12 kg, 84 packs on pallet

RUF bark Briquettes have extremely long burning time up to 10-16 hours. That is not to say you can come down next morning, give them a poke and they burst into flames, rather that there is still a good warmth in the stove and a glow from the ashes. Bark does produce extra ash, more ash creates a bigger heat store, but also more ash to dispose of the next day.

The charcoal particles and pine sawdust were blended in the mixing ratios of 90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40, and 50:50, respectively and vice-versa. More so, briquettes were produced from pure charcoal particles and pine sawdust separately for the purpose of comparison with the blended briquettes.

The gelatinized binder was 5% of the total briquettes weight. The briquettes were produced using a pressure of 5 MPa with a dwelling time of 5 min in a hydraulic briquetting machine. Proximate, elemental compositions and heating value analyses were carried out on the raw charcoal, sawdust, cassava peel, and their briquettes. The results showed that variations in the mixing ratios of the bio-residues had significant effects on all the properties investigated. Pini Kay Briquettes

An increase in the charcoal particles led to an increase in the fixed carbon content and heating value of the briquettes. Conversely, higher pine sawdust content in the briquette resulted in higher volatile matter content and lower heating value. The briquette made from pure charcoal particles had the highest heating value (24.9 MJ/kg) and ash content (6.0%). Pini Kay Briquettes


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